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My name is Avi Tansky - I'm the founder of Kapotas by Avi.

My mission: Produce a Kapota you can comfortably wear on Shabbos & Yom Tov, whether you're sitting & davening or walking on a hot summer day....without breaking the bank.

The mission bore fruit. The comfort is legendary.

The lightweight feel is superb and the extra money left over in the bank is a great feeling.


Did I mention the Kapotas are durable and come with 6 extra buttons, free?

Kapotas by Avi features:

  • Light-weight fine, stretch wool

  • Custom-Made Look

  • Beautiful Stitching

  • Crimson Anti-Sweat Lining

  • 6 extra buttons (3 big, 3 small)

  • Free folding Kapota garment bag

  • Manufactured with quality & care in Turkey.

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